Friday, August 17, 2012

iTypewriter Provides Aged College Typing To Your iPad (video)

Should you prefer the clickty clack valve of an old college typewriter you might be thinking about this excellent retro keyboard called the iTypewriter designed for Apple’s iPad tablet.

The actual iTypewriter is the brain kid of industrial custom Austin Texas Yang, as well as allows you to enjoy the typing type of aged typewriters. Discover the shocking truth after the jump to determine it for action.


iTypewriter custom Austin Texas Yang describes their thought behind making the unique iTypewriter device.

“It's a typewriter for the ipad. Customers can benefit from the old a feeling of typing and also the latest technology. Although elder customers who have not used at all the computer or even iPad, these people can use this acquainted typewriter as well as type in the familiar procedure way.

For many specific group of users, the product offer an simpler method to kind about the iPad. Individuals could be in a position to remember old experience and memory through acquainted look and tactile feedback. Instead of stroking on screen with no suggestions, this product can mirror a powerful tactile feedback. Person can go through the physical strength move from the keypad and also the motion of every crucial.”

The actual iTypewriter is simply a concept at the moment so were not to expect it to arrive in shops at any time soon.

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