Friday, August 31, 2012

Acer declares Aspire M3 as well as Aspire V5 laptops with touchscreens

Acer’s newest two Ultrabooks have touchscreens. They are touch-allowed versions of the Aspire M3 Ultrabook as well as Aspire V5 thin-and-light. There is no info on price or accessibility however, but we've got some specs.

The Desire M3 Touch has a frameless, 15.6-inch screen, and also the exact same aluminum design as the old M3. Adding the actual touch screen means that it's chassis offers increased in order to 22mm thick. It'll be offered with Common ivy Link processors and under the radar NVIDIA graphics.

The actual Desire V5 Touch laptop computers will be sold along with fourteen as well as fifteen inch screens. Just like the previous, the design looks like the already accessible V5 laptop computers, however with a bit of additional weight because of the touchscreen. The touchpads calculate a little below 23mm thick, as well as consider 2.1kg and a pair of.4kg, respectively. It also comes with Common ivy Link CPUs as well as under the radar NVIDIA images.

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