Friday, August 31, 2012

Safetynet invention wins UK James Dyson Honor

An invention aimed at increasing the durability associated with trawler fishing within the North Ocean has won the actual UK leg of the Wayne Dyson Award.

The invention, called Safetynet, was invented by Dan Watson, an old student from Glasgow College of Artwork and helps guide juvenile fish unintentionally caught in the nets to safety.

The Safetynet includes a series of brightly lit get away rings which are suited to traditional trawler nets to avoid meshes closing completely - allowing small fish to escape.

Furthermore, the bands are lighted up through transforming tidal energy into kenetic power. Supplying, essentially, an urgent situation exit sign.

Dan continues to be awarded £one,000 in prize cash through the Wayne Dyson Award judges, which he or she plans in order to reinvest in to development of the actual Safetynet product.

The entire champion from the award - that has been set up to honor technologies, style and engineering among students - may internet £ten,000 associated with total reward money.

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