Thursday, August 30, 2012

Windows Phone 8 release date has got revealed

While not recognized details, ZDNet continues to be told by a good anonymous source at Microsoft that the Windows Phone 8 launch date will be October 29. This date is really a couple of days after the release associated with Windows 8 so when Windows Phone 8 occurs a couple of days later on although this is particularly referring to the statement rather than phone availability.

Real Windows Phone 8 commences are believed to come from earlier The fall of at various areas upon various networks although AT&T is believed to be the initial carrier. The actual launch upon Oct 29 is actually believed to be heading forward someplace about the western coast of the US even though absolutely no particular announcements about a location happen to be verified.

Therefore, expect to have the ability to pick up a Samsung ATIV Utes or similar gadget at the start of The fall of following the launch event upon Oct 29. Case in time for that Christmas season that ought to additionally help with sales for the device.

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