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Review of Dell Latitude E6330

Dell Latitude E6330


    Very good at business-oriented duties
    Great overall performance


    Antiglare screen does more harm than good
    Video clip appears terrible

E-commerce-oriented laptop shines within (shock, surprise) performing company-focused duties.

The Dingle Latitude E6330 might not look like a lot: It's a business-oriented laptop focused on, nicely, productivity. It isn't because fairly as an Ultrabook, nor as effective like a video gaming laptop computer, however it gets the work done. The actual E6330 particularly lights with regards to business-oriented duties, for example when you are working in Office applications as well as preserving paperwork. That’s not really terribly thrilling, to be sure, however Dingle offers definitely discovered the Line of latitude’s niche.

Our evaluation design, which costs $1832 because set up, has a 3rd-era Apple Core i7-3520 processor, 6GB of Memory, and a 128GB solid-state generate. The Line of latitude E6330 also sports the twin-directed backlit keyboard, a good Intel Centrino Ultimate-D 6300 cellular mini card, and a Dvd and blu-ray-RW drive. Like many business-focused laptop computers, the Latitude E6330 can end up being additionally installed with 3rd generation or even 4G networking service, though the review device did not come with either of those. The E6330 runs the 64-bit edition of Windows 7 Professional.

Dell Latitude E6330: Perfectly ProfessionalIn PCWorld's WorldBench seven standard assessments, the Latitude E6330 scores a remarkable 163, meaning it is 63 percent quicker compared to the testing model (that sports an Intel i5-2500K processor, 8 gb associated with Memory, and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti under the radar images card). The E6330 scores greater than the actual Alienware M14x transportable video gaming laptop (143), but less than the Acer Aspire S5 Ultrabook (195).

However, simply because the Line of latitude E6330 has a greater WB7 score compared to will the actual Alienware M14x, that doesn't mean the E6330 is actually necessarily a better artist. The E6330 has a 128GB SSD, that is faster than the M14x's 750GB traditional hard disk, but the E6330 isn't any complement for the M14x with regards to graphics and gaming overall performance. Within our Grime 3 graphics assessments, the actual Latitude E6330 managed appropriate, but nowhere close to superb, body prices which is between twenty (higher-quality settings, 1366-by-768-pixel quality) as well as 59.8 frames per second (low-high quality settings, 800-through-six hundred-pel quality). In comparison, the actual Alienware M14x featured body rates in excess of three times that (between eighty 2.8 and 186.5 fps).

Style: Framework, Keyboard, and Trackpad

The Latitude E6330 is a reasonably small computer: It has a 13.three-in . display as well as weighs in at just four.6 lbs without accessories. Officially, we have classified it as an all-purpose laptop, but it is much more comparable to a good ultraportable.

The actual E6330 is housed in a sturdy, otherwise terribly fashionable, plastic framework. The cover features a dark gray brushed-aluminum plate, that provides just a little style to the otherwise mediocre design. Unfortunately, this light weight aluminum plate is really a finger marks magnet. There is a mirrored Dingle logo design in the heart of the cover, along with a matte-gold plastic edge round the dish.

The actual laptop's interior is not really fashionable, but it is earnest. The heavy, flat-dark plastic material bevel structures the actual flat screen. The wrist-rest area consists of a soft rubbery materials, and the computer keyboard is somewhat indented as well as encompassed by a blown-aluminum border. On the left aspect of the computer keyboard are small lights that show Wi-Fi online connectivity as well as if the PC is charging, and on the best aspect are volume-upward, volume-lower, and mute buttons. The power switch is situated above the keyboard, about the correct side.

The laptop keyboard functions pseudo-island-design secrets, or secrets that are not completely divided however possess toned covers. The actual keys tend to be slightly bent and gives superb tactile suggestions, causing them to be excellent for typing upon. The orange-accented keyboard is actually backlit and it has a drip-evidence design (holes at the base from the machine allow any kind of spilled liquid to run through it).

There's two directed systems about the Latitude E6330: a conventional trackpad with under the radar mouse control keys, and the even more traditional directed stick with three discrete mouse control keys of its own. The moderate-size multitouch track pad is actually average, along with big, soft computer mouse control keys that are easy to press. The directed stick is delicate as well as accurate, however the control keys really are a small as well close to the stay with make use of easily.

The actual Latitude E6330 includes a good port selection. On the left aspect of the machine, there is a VGA-out interface and a mixture microphone-earphone jack. About the correct aspect, there is one Hardware port, a good ExpressCard reader, an eSATA/Hardware combination port, and a Wi-Fi switch. The actual SD card audience located on the entrance, and the remaining ports are on the rear: the Kensington lock slot, a small-High-definition multimedia interface-out interface, a good ethernet interface, and another USB port. The actual E6330 also has the docking connector located on the bottom.
Screen and Speakers

[Click to enlarge] Dell Latitude E6330: Perfectly ProfessionalThe Line of latitude E6330 sports activities a 13.3-in . matte Brought-backlit display having a native quality of 1366 through 768 pixels. Company-focused laptop computers aren't expected to have breathtaking displays, but the E6330's screen is a touch disappointing, nevertheless. It's not very bright, even from it's cleverest setting, though the antiglare coating does help a tiny bit in brighter settings. The actual antiglare layer seems to do more harm than good, although, since fluctuations within image quality are noticeable whenever you proceed actually somewhat to the side. Color looks precise but a little beaten up, as well as HD video plays with lots of artifacting as well as stilted movement.

Whilst video clip playback leaves a lot to be preferred, sound about the E6330 sounds better than typical. The actual speakers are located on the entrance from the laptop computer and produce noisy, complete seem. Sounds seem a little hollow at the highest quantity degree, however sound quality in general is more preferable than that produced by the tinny-sound speakers we're used to.

The Dingle Line of latitude E6330 might not be the video gaming 'ninja-like' or perhaps a smooth Ultrabook, but it is nevertheless the ideal choice with regard to business customers. The E6330 is a good performer, and it performs especially well in the places business customers will be thinking about—within our tests it posted excellent scores in Internet performance, Workplace productivity, as well as storage space overall performance, for example. Actually, it's storage space overall performance score (404.6) is the greatest of the ultra portable class.

So while the Latitude E6330 isn't an ideal option with regard to viewing movies, it is good with regard to performing company-focused tasks such as using Workplace applications and searching the Web.

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