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Lenovo IdeaPad U410 Review: All-Objective Laptop computer on a Budget

The Lenovo IdeaPad U410 incorporates a few pretty awesome suggestions in a very cool cost that received split budgets ($799 as of August 8, 2012). But can the slender, budget-focused laptop succeed? Let's wait and watch.

Specifications and gratification

The evaluation design comes with a good Apple Core i5-3317U that operates in a regular one.7GHz but kicks up to 2.6GHz along with Intel’s Max Turbo Frequency technologies whenever put under huge fill. Additionally , it arrives full of 8 gb of 1600MHz DDR3 RAM as well as an Nvidia GeForce 610M discrete images chip. This is excellent to determine an all-objective laptop equipped with something just a little more powerful than Intel’s High definition 4000 incorporated images, even if it's a less strong mobile GPU.

The actual U410 handled a rating associated with 117 upon the physically demanding Worldbench seven standard suite. This puts it from about 17 % quicker than the baseline system, which is a completely equipped desktop. This is a good upgrade from the Lenovo IdeaPad U310 all of us reviewed final month, also priced at $seven hundred ninety-nine. The U310 handled merely a ninety four about the standard and it is missing some key features (particular components and display size) how the U410 offers.

Regardless of the discrete greeting card, the U410 didn’t fare as well well upon the gaming/images tests. All of us went Grime three as well as Crysis two on higher configurations at a maximum quality of 1366 by 768 pixels. This accomplished typically twenty three.seven frames per second on DiRT 3 and thirteen.8 fps on Crysis two, a rate showing up closer to a slideshow than the usual game. This particular enhances just a little with the quality decreased to 800 through six hundred pixels and or else dialed right down to low configurations; DiRT three ran at typically seventy six.six frames per second as well as Crysis two from 37.4 fps. Should you don’t need it to look pretty or are happy along with much less graphically intensive games, you may be in luck here.

The U410 also includes a little strong-condition generate to go with the 500GB 5400-revoltions per minute generate because storage cache. Intel’utes Smart Reaction Technologies is the company’s method of giving hard drives SSD-such as overall performance without the SSD cost. Through including a small generate that the person never sees (the user seems to observe just one generate) the boot-upward occasions, software processing, as well as file moving all turn out to be considerably faster.

Have no fear if you are impatient over start-up times. The actual U410 had been ready to go within 20.6 seconds from the cold boot. Lenovo uses RapidBoot technology to make use of Memory as a storage cache for boot documents, taking some from the fill off the hard disk. This is a huge enhancement over the previous U310 design, that took almost fifty three seconds.

The actual U410’utes electric battery performance was just substandard from 5 hours, thirty-three minutes. This can be sufficient to obtain through a full day's class or even work, as long as laptops isn't in continuous use. Unfortunately, you will probably have to keep your energy adapter handy if you don't make use of the battery sparingly.


The U410 manages to stay small despite additional hardware added too. Without any accessories, they weigh only 4.1 lbs and is thirteen.5 inches broad through nine.three in . deep through 1 in . higher. It is certainly small sufficient to carry close to inside a backpack whilst leaving a few free space.

A pleasant 14.1-inch LED backlit screen enables easy Web searching and movie watching, but remember that in the wrong gentle or even from a good off-axis position, the glare can get bad.

The laptop keyboard is actually roomy and cozy to type on—the actual secrets tend to be gentle and responsive. The actual highlight is probably the multi touch touch pad which reacts only to fingertips. There is nothing more frustrating compared to typing out some thing important as well as extended, as well as getting your palm move the cursor, making your own hard work ineffective. The actual pad is also a lot bigger than previous iterations and made associated with cup, therefore it is smooth as well as your fingertips move easily across it's surface area.

The touchpad's support with regard to multitouch gestures is going to be even more useful whenever Windows 8 commences in just a couple of months. For the time being, it's mainly utilized in Lenovo’s Simple Notes, a credit card applicatoin that actually works as a tacky mat for random ideas and reminders. You use a combination of fingers as well as swipe actions to spread out as well as near the program or alter notes. It’s not really completely intuitive, however, and you may think it is much easier simply to make use of the touchpad as a pointer; but better makes use of might arise as more Windows 8 programs are released.

You receive a few state within the look of your system. The evaluation model arrived Ruby Red-colored, but you possess a choice of Black lead Grey or Sapphire Blue as well. The light weight aluminum body seems durable as well as protective, providing some peace of mind whenever packing it aside. [Click to expand]

The U410 provides just enough plug-ins reduce issues. It's 2 Hardware 3.0 ports, 2 Hardware two.zero plug-ins, an High-definition multimedia interface-away, an ethernet interface, along with a multicard reader (SSD/MMC). Something a person won’capital t discover, however might not skip, is definitely an optical generate. (With everything going digital, eye hard disks tend just to enter the way and include weight.)

Fortunately, the actual U410 has a few digital media benefits, including a entrance-dealing with 720p digital camera and mic with regard to video clip talking. Additionally , it includes Dolby Home Theatre a customized seem for various applications.

One much more function worth talking about is Lenovo’utes OneKey Recovery button. It's a great way to recover a corrupted system back to its unique condition, properly and simply. You don't need to wreck havoc on bootable discs or USB keys, or to pull out the actual Windows 7 House High quality disk; simply strike the button, and it'll boot directly into the recovery program.

Last Ideas

Lenovo’s IdeaPad U410 will a good work of being beneficial in most situations, should you aren’t looking to do some hardcore video gaming or even Dvd and blu-ray/Compact disc burning up. It’utes hard to grumble about the tiny problems if this system shows this type of huge improvement over the Lenovo ThinkPad U310 however seems to be the exact same price.

For students that must keep a budget in your mind but aren’capital t prepared to sacrifice an excessive amount of power in their laptop computer, this might be an ideal choice. If you're looking for a laptop for back-to-college that's not too expensive, the Lenovo U410 is worth a close appear.

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