Saturday, August 11, 2012

HTC One X+ Going In order to UK As HTC Endeavour C2

All of us recently heard which HTC would be launching a new edition of the HTC One X smart phone in the US along with mobile carrier T-Mobile, these devices is rumored to become known as the HTC One X+.

Now according to a current report through Things, the HTC One X+ can also be headed towards the UK, and it will evidently end up being known as the HTC Endeavour C2 and can have a faster quad primary 1.7GHz processor chip than the original HTC One X.


The device will also include HTC's ClearVoice technology and will also include HTC Watch two, which is a new version associated with HTC’s video when needed service

The actual HTC Endeavour 2C2 is rumored in order to property within the UK a while in October, the moment we get more information we will allow you to men know.

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