Sunday, August 12, 2012

Google brings Enhanced Voice Search, shows demo within an iPhone!

Google has improved it's most questionable Voice Search both on Android and iOS products. In its latest video displaying the actual demonstration associated with Improved Tone of voice Research, Google made a decision to do the actual demonstration with an Apple iPhone. The actual voice search is more better and even louder compared to prior to and even louder than Apple’s own Siri.

This improved version of Tone of voice search can make proper use of Understanding chart to exhibit much more accurate results. This particular variations also replies back again your responses as compared to prior Voice Research version. Google has taken the challenge through Apple really seriously. :)

People who were let down through Apple through not permitting Siri on iPhone 4 and lower variations, can certainly be grateful in order to Google. Improved Voice search for iOS is not however available but it will be operational soon. Read the demo video!

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