Sunday, August 19, 2012

eBay bans spell online auctions

It was once that you could buy a great spell upon eBay. The hex, the curse, a adore concoction. Any longer. Anybody looking to buy enchanting curses to place on the enemies will have to proceed someplace other than eBay. eBay will formally ban “intangible” products starting on August thirtieth, such as “periods, curses, hexing, conjuration, magic, prayers, benefit services, magic products, healing periods” and more.

They just not want individuals obtaining scammed. Nevertheless there's a capture. The folks that get yourself a DVD things are very happy using the enchanted items they buy. Based on " cable " one person that routinely online auctions away intangible items like a “Vampire Mistress Sex Spirit” and a “Obsessed Succuba Nymph Wife Sweetheart” has generated a lot of regeneration, including one user who asserted the creature of the night kept woman nature he or she bought had been “tangible” coupled with “incredible power output.”

Nicely, I guess there is always craigslist if you need a good spell.

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