Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sennheiser IE 800 review: Hands-upon

The actual Sennheiser IE eight hundred within-hearing headphones are the sound expert's new flagship design, coming in at double the amount cost of last year’s Sennheiser IE 1980s

    As the maker's top-associated with-the-variety set of earphones, with a £599 price tag to match, the actual the actual Sennheiser IE 800s possess certainly got to prove their really worth. We required a closer look in the IFA show within Berlin...
    Sennhesier IE 800: Design

    The very first thing a person’lmost all discover is the smooth silver style and back shooting back again plug-ins - they look like jet exhausts to provide higher largemouth bass in a tiny space. The IE 800s really feel extremely gentle and starting the lavish container reveals a brand new selection of four ear marijuana sizes, instead of three,  with a protecting mesh so dust as well as grime eliminates hitting the speaker portion of the earphones.

    The actual cable is a candy striped eco-friendly guide which doesn’t feature inline regulates - an inline guide with regard to iPhone will be a good optional additional. Lastly, this area also includes a neat over sized leather have case embossed with a gold Sennhesier sequential number.

    Sennhesier IE 800: Comfort

    The actual light-weight design instantly seems different to many in-ear earphones and that we discovered the simple selection of pals managed to supply safe comfort. The actual earphones sit down nicely within the hearing and also the cable is actually gentle enough (and long enough) not to drag the actual headphones from your ear when tilting your head.
    Sennhesier For example eight hundred: Sturdiness

    The cable television is removable as well as features an incredibly tough gold plated link from either finish. The headphones tend to be solid and also the nylon uppers protection indicates the actual For example 800s tend to be among the most tough within-ear earphones we’ng actually played with. The actual carry situation is still important, however.
    Sennhesier IE 800: Sound Quality
    Delivering a lot of largemouth bass when required, the Sennhesier For example 800s are only for transonic detail even if passed a troublesome dosage of Skrillex. All of us attempted some Apple Lossless John Shelter Hooker then The Race through Yello on iPad: just about all trumpet parps as well as quick is better than.

    The tracking of the speed as well as sound staging had been superb and the vocal fine detail is obviously defined towards noisy pleximetry. In a nutshell, a person’ll find it difficult to discover sound quality like this really is any kind of within-hearing earphones - or even numerous on-ear earphones, in fact.
    Sennhesier For example eight hundred: Verdict

    As the priciest within-ears we’ve used, the Sennhesier IE 800s manage to beat just about all comers and also the nearest competition tend to be professional audio Shure headphones along with custom ear-adjusts, the kind of headphones the thing is reside musicians use throughout concerts. The For example 800s tend to be more attractive and consumer pleasant.

    They shout luxury and deliver the goods from very first listen. At two times the buying price of an excellent set of large, over ear headphones, you’ll have to be convinced which within-hearing earphones tend to be your favored choice with regard to traveling although...

    Sennhesier IE 800 accessibility: TBC

    Sennhesier IE 800 cost: TBC

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