Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Apple versus. Technology company sues online Shine grocer over logo

It looks like Apple is sensation bullish following its current patent win over Samsung. Shine information site Telepolis reports that the Cupertino-dependent tech company has arranged it's suit-pleased places on an additional company over brand problems. Just this time it's not a worldwide technology company that unexpectedly happens to make a good iPhone-like smartphone--this is an online Polish food site known as

Er…yes. A.PL Internet SA may be the company's recognized title, and it's a good online delicatessen site that advertises delivery right to it's clients' doorways. It does happen to be called".pl" is the country site with regard to Belgium. Apple takes issue with it's "trademark," however, and it has demanded that the Polish Obvious Office cancel its brand. And this is not a new blip upon Apple's radar--Apple additionally objected to the enrollment of the trademark in the first place.

Based on Telepolis, Apple is taking problem with the's logo, and is claiming how the grocer is trying to intentionally mistake clients by using Apple's well-known likeness as well as status. Considering Apple sells apple iphones (and apple ipads, as well as MacBook Airs, as well as Macintosh OS X, and other no-edible technologies items), and offers food (and cleansing products, along with other items you might find in a supermarket), this seems like a bit of a extend. I believe it is not likely which customers may error's products for apple iphones, and frailty-versa.'s present website appears nothing like Apple's: it's fruits and vegetables as well as cheese without anyone's knowledge, it has a joyful green-as well as-lemon color scheme, and it sells points like vegetable oil and canned pork. The emblem currently being utilized on's site also looks absolutely nothing like Apple's. However, Apple states how the issue was on the previous logo which is not becoming used.

Based on the Next Internet, the logo under consideration may actually be the logo design associated with, which is a web site owned by This logo will feature a round green apple having a leaf, that is similar fit in order to Apple's apple leaf:

If this is the problem logo design (or even whether it's similar to the problem logo), the actual question, obviously, is this: Does Apple possess copyright declare total apple-formed trademarks and symbols? I wouldn't put it past Apple to consider it does have declare total apple pictures--after all, this is the exact same company which told Samsung, within December 2011, that it could avoid obvious skirmishes using the company through not making tablets or even mobile phones with rectangular designs, rounded edges, or even toned surfaces.

Anyhow, there are a handful of feasible outcomes with this case. Apple's problem may be ignored, or may have to come up with a new logo design (and possibly a new name). Based on Telepolis, in both cases the events will be eligible for appeal to the actual Local Admin Court within Warsaw. However, Telepolis reports the situation may take up to three years, therefore unless the two parties settle from courtroom it's unlikely we'll see immediate quality. Boss Radoslaw Celinski tells Reuters that the charge (which his company is applying Apple's similarity as well as status) is actually "ludicrous." However, the actual company is reportedly considering Apple's complaint.

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