Sunday, September 9, 2012

Google buys browser-dependent adware and spyware scanner VirusTotal

Google has acquired Internet-dependent  URL scanning device VirusTotal in exactly what may be an attempt to enhance internet browser security.

VirusTotal's service is really quite simple: Just go to the Web site and either select a file in order to scan or paste inside a Web address. Available too are a Windows desktop computer application as well as browser extensions for Chrome, Opera, and Ie.

In a blog post, VirusTotal states it'll run individually from Google and will maintain it's partnerships with other antivirus companies as well as protection experts. The company says Google can help improve the service as well as “make sure that the tools are always ready, correct if you want all of them.”

Google told TechCrunch in a statement it can supply VirusTotal with “the infrastructure they need to make sure that their service continues to improve.” The actual terms of the offer weren't disclosed.
Key in a URL, as well as VirusTotal will statement any kind of security hazards.

Just like so many tech company acquisitions, Google isn't saying what it really expectations to get out of the service, consider VirusTotal is not the only link scanning device around, the service itself may not be exactly what Google'utes after.

Case speculation, but the worth within VirusTotal may be in its close ties with antivirus companies and also the data-set it makes for all scans. Google already displays search results with regard to unsafe Web sites, alerts Stainless users about possibly harmful websites, as well as scans e-postal mail attachments for infections. The actual research large might improve it's existing protection services using VirusTotal's information, therefore it would make sense for Google to maintain the actual service alive and let its data-set grow.

Even if the purchase never gets a concrete product for users, it appears like great news with regard to less dangerous Internet browsing.

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