Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sony Xperia V To Be Equipped With New Sensor-on-zoom lens Touchscreen Technology

Together with a variety of brand new camcorders as well as digital cameras today, Sony has additionally unveiled now which their new Xperia 6 is v smartphone revealed a few weeks back is going to be fitted with a new thinner touch screen technologies.

The brand new Indicator-upon-zoom lens touch display technology, provides exactly the same trusted benefits of in-cellular and on-cell touch technologies, providing customers with an improved picture high quality along with a accurate direct touch encounter, says Sony.
Sony describes much more about its sensor-on-zoom lens touch display technologies:

“Indicator-upon-lens touch technology means that the number of physical layers within the touch panel (handset stackup) is reduced, as the indicator coating is really the main zoom lens by itself. Therefore means that you're going to get better picture high quality, because there is no interference in the touch indicator component. There is one much less coating associated with cup as well as one less layer associated with epoxy, when compared with traditional touch panels. Usually, you're going to get less haze and about 5% better show luminance with out individuals additional layers.”

In order to re-cap the Sony Xperia 6 is v has the four.three-in . High definition reality display, as well as runs Google’s Android Ice Cream Meal (ICS) working system, with the commitment of a good revise in order to Google’s latest Android Jelly Bean working system, right after release.

For more information on the new Sensor-upon-zoom lens touch screen technologies being used within the Sony Xperia V smart phone jump over to the Sony web site with regard to particulars.

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