Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pogoplug Unveils Brand new Family and Small Business Cloud Storage Options Utilizing Amazon Glacier

PogoPlug offers launched a new service now made to provide families as well as smaller businesses having a Cloud storage space answer that uses Amazon . com’utes Glacier storage services.

The brand new packages begin with $twenty nine a year with regard to unlimited private impair storage space at home using one associated with PogoPlugs device that is provided free of charge, combined with 100GB associated with offsite cloud storage. Discover the shocking truth after the leap to explore the PogoPlug deals and find out it for action.

PogoPlug Team

If 100GB isn’capital t quite sufficient space for you a bigger bundle can be obtained providing 1TB of impair storage with regard to $ninety nine a year for households. Daniel Putterman, Boss of Pogoplug describes:

“Amazon is revolutionizing cloud storage with Glacier. Our new providing offers the missing link through the elimination of the actual three to 5 hour access time intrinsic in order to Glacier — making all content material immediately obtainable,”-”By keeping information synchronized between Amazon Glacier and a Pogoplug gadget in the home or even office, we are providing unparalleled prices for safe, quick impair storage space.”

Small company options can also be found via Pogoplug Team plans that provide as much as 5TB associated with offsite impair storage, beginning with $nineteen a month with regard to five users and 1TB of cloud storage. To learn more hop over towards the PogoPlug website with regard to details.

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