Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nokia Town Zoom lens Increased Reality Function With regard to Windows Phone 8

Throughout the Nokia as well as Microsoft Switch To Lumia occasion in NY these days, Nokia revealed as well as shown their own brand new City Lens features which has already been built to be used along with Windows Phone 8 as well as uses Nokia Maps technology.

Nokia City Zoom lens is really a function that's included on the brand new Nokia Lumia 920 smart phone formally announced today, as well as allows you to have an increased reality look at associated with city roads, on the screen of your Lumia 920.

Nokia Town Zoom lens

As soon as driven up Nokia Town zoom lens overlays information on the actual display of Nokia as you stage you guessed it-your camera at city roads. Providing you with comfortable access to more information regarding restaurants as well as locations.

As well as providing you with comprehensive directions by way of Nokia Roadmaps although strolling, Watch the video after the jump to explore the City Lens feature and find out this for action. “Nokia City Lens offers the the majority of user-friendly way to discover the planet around you.”

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