Thursday, September 6, 2012

Amazon in order to release Kindle smartphone?

Amazon could uncover it's first Kindle-branded smartphone alongside the Kindle Fire two later today.

It would appear that Amazon is ready to make a play for that smart phone marketplace with an Android phone launched underneath the Kindle brand.

According to technology site The Brink: "Amazon is actually working on a smart phone which runs a variant from the Kindle Fire's Android-based working system."

The brand new handset could make a look and feel at a good Amazon occasion in LA today, where it is supposed to become revealing its new tablet, the actual Kindle Fire two. Whether the new tablet, or certainly any kind of brand new smart phone can make it over to the UK continues to be unconfirmed.

The new Kindle smart phone could run a forked version associated with Frozen treats Meal which will mean absolutely no Google services in the get-go as well as routing possibly dealt with through Nokia maps.

Either way, it's unlikely this new handset will appear to compete with higher-end smartphones like the Apple iPhone five or even Samsung Galaxy S3.

Knowing through Amazon's previous achievements using the likes from the Kindle eBook reader as well as first generation Kindle Fire, it'll choose an inexpensive alternative to the very best-collection devices.

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