Wednesday, April 24, 2013

BlackBerry Bold 9790 pictures leak ahead of upcoming release

BlackBerry Bold 979

Approaching BlackBerry phone makes just one more early appearance with BlackBerry Bold 9790 pictures outed on line along with a selection of estimated specs for the total QWERTY and touchscreen touting product
Seeking to bounce back from their new service problems Research in Activity seems collection to start a new BlackBerry phone with published BlackBerry Bold 9790 pictures reaching the web.

Not even close to established, the BlackBerry Bold 9790 has created a number of pre-release hearings with the latest photographs giving an uninhibited see of the total QWERTY keyboard boasting smartphone that seems collection to displace the current Bold 9780.

BlackBerry Bold 9790 Features

According to the newest escapes the BlackBerry Bold 9790 is always to land sporting the same 1.2GHz single-core model as the current 9900 series with NFC functions and the BlackBerry 7 OS portable os also collection to feature.

Expected to offer 8GB of inner storage the BlackBerry Bold 9790 will land in with a touchscreen exhibit with the standard matt dark design to be accompanied by a second, white and gold hued offering.

Is the significantly mooted BlackBerry Bold 9790 atop your list for update hope list or are you currently keeping out for a new Android or WP7 beast? Let us know via the comments package below.

Via: GottaBeMobile | Via: PocketLint

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