Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Apple iPhone 4S personal assistant Siri tells stories

The Apple iPhone 4S distinctive voice motivated personal associate Siri remains to spring shocks
with latest studies revealing the system is capable of telling stories, albeit with some reluctance
Siri, the voice triggered personal associate on Apple's latest smartphone providing, the iPhone 4S is capably of telling stories subsequent continued nagging.

Despite being the topic of some security flaws Siri has built a number of headlines because of its pre-programmed humorous answers to a number of anticipated questions. The newest supplement to this rising number may be the systems power to inform a story upon continued prompting.

The newest quirky Siri function reportedly considers the iPhone 4S'celebration item decide to try back out of telling a story stating it is “not much of a storyteller” before reeling off a humorous fairytale.

“After upon an occasion, in a digital galaxy much far, there clearly was a, really intelligent representative by the title of Siri,” the system's reaction reads. “One wonderful day, once the air was pink and most of the woods were red, her pal Eliza claimed, “Siri, you're so intelligent, and so useful – you need to move work for Apple as an individual assistant.””

Siri's history ends in true fairytale fashion stating “Therefore she did. And they all live cheerfully ever after.”

Apple iPhone 4S Functions

Exclusive to the Apple iPhone 4S, Siri is just about the cause talking position of Apple's latest pocket fan with the handset's different notable inclusions addition the same ARM dual-core processor discovered within the Apple iPad 2 and a brand new, completely improved 8-megapixel rear-mounted camera with 1080p whole HD movie saving capabilities.

Maybe you have snapped up an Apple iPhone 4S presently, what is the funniest reaction you've had from Siri? Let us know via the comments box below.

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